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Great music, great waves, great surfing


Off to France on Thursday so a mellow afternoon of removing old wax and putting down a new base and top coat. Nice!

Little bit of fixie skidder action courtesy of Charge (more on their website too).

Nice movie from my hometown - I’ve ridden up that hill enough times but not quite as fast as these cats…

Nice little story from Howies.

Three words:

Ride on. Enjoy.

As a designer you can’t fault Paul Smith for what he has achieved and the part he has played in reinforcing British design globally.

The process of collaboration beyond ones ‘established’ territory is obviously nothing new and something Paul Smith has actively been a part of for some time.

As a studio of cyclists we have watched (and purchased) from the growing Rapha brand for a a long time and with a number of land locked surfers sat behind Macs we were interested to see the recent Paul Smith collaboration into the world of surfing with Swami’s.

Surfing is one of those activities where the real money is in the pseudo surfer – get the kit, live the brand and your a real surfer (even though you can’t stand up!). Don’t get me wrong, from a business perspective it’s a great plan and the sensible approach to take and the market I’d target if starting a surf label tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how the Swami’s brand develops as first indications are that it may take a Rapha route – building on the deeper culture, routes and heritage of the sport.

Just as Rapha shunned the bright lycra and EPO image for one of understated style, simplicity and quality, so my feel is that we will see Swami’s avoid the stereotypical blonde haired surf dude and pursue the route of the soul surfer.

Culture, creativity, travel and exploration playing as big a part as that of the quality of the waves and performance of the quiver.

The realm of the longboarder has grown massively over the past years as the surf culture has spread and the need to find a board that can compensate for the 40 year old accountant as opposed to the 14 year old shortboarder has grown.

As such, the injection of some ‘old school’ style back into the surf industry is not new but I feel the scope to take this further is very much there and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Without doubt it will be an interesting marriage between classic tailoring and understated class and a counter-culture industry built on adrenalin and anarchy. 

We will observe patiently and perhaps make the odd purchase along the way…

Nice story from The Bristol Bike Project – a really good community project happening in my old home town.

Portrait of a surfer – a nice film featuring Sam Bleakley’s longboarding. Maybe a little introspective but fairly mellow and does the job of building a building a brand proposition for Swami’s which I can only assume is taking a similar Rapha route (and not just because there’s another Paul Smith collaboration)!

Good Friday saw more than the arrival of the odd early Easter egg but also the opening of the Museum of British Surfing in Braunton, North Devon. Get down and visit but in the meantime here is a nice little photographic story on the Finisterre site .

Give me the Keys from Lee Robertson on Vimeo.

Great song, from a great album, from a great duo, from a great band and mellow video too (courtesy of Mr Lee Robertson). Enjoy.

Thoughts anyone?

Justin Quintal & Friends. from Drew Miller on Vimeo.


I promise this site will stop becoming a repository for ‘Do Lectures’ but you can probably start to see two obvious links forming – firstly, I often find the end of my day involving crashing out with my iPad and logging onto TED, Do or similar and secondly that the subject matter of many of these talks has a resonance with this this site.

None more so than this talk by Alastair Humphreys. Not only do I love his frantic and slightly loony approach to life but the sentiment behind this talk is something we should all live by. 

Whilst his adventures may be grand and inspiring it all boils down to having something in mind, getting up of your backside and doing it – no excuses - just going and doing it.

Whilst for some it may be rowing the atlantic for many it is a more grounded goal of running 6K or completing 20 miles on a bike. It doesn’t matter what it is just stop the excuses and go and do it. 

Have a watch and go learn the importance of jumping in rivers!

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